-Dorothy Parker-


    -Dorothy Parker-


designs & services

DavyJoël designs & services is the product of todays society.
Seeing what I can accomplish as an individual made me pursue my dreams of becoming a successful artist on my own.

As a designer, I specialised myself in three categories.
First of the three, where it all started, as a graphic designer. Making logos and corporate identities is my core business.

And what better way to complete your identity with a whole new website. If these don’t match, the level of professionalism drops down. To offer that, identity and webdesign have to match to a certain level. That’s where my skills as webdesigner and developer come in to place.

Besides the more common known design categories, I’m also specialised in handlettering and illustrations. Both started out as an hobby, but after a while I saw a new unexplored market ready to be found.

Graphic design

Every business is unique and needs its own identity. No copy and paste or easy uninspired logos. A company or business is like its customers. To make a perfect identity design, it has to correspond with the customers. If it doesn’t and your customers can’t identify themselves with your identity, you will lose some customers.

Therefor, I can guarantee a custom made, fitting to your company, designed corporate identity.


Now-a-days we can’t live without the internet and companies can’t go on without a website. Your website is the go to for quick information about your services and/or products. The place where customers can get in touch with you and ask questions.

But does that mean, you should have a state of the art website? In short, no. Your website must be beneficial to you and your customers. Easy to access and only with the information that is needed. In that case every website that I make, is perfectly suited to your customer needs. Are you an artist, your portfolio and a short contact form for inquiries are key. A webshop on the other hand is all about your products and so on.


Besides making corporate identities and website,
I also love to make beautiful illustrations.
From custom made characters to portraits, nothing is too crazy.
My love for drawing actually made me choose to become a graphic designer.